Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Big Mama

I want to make this statement because I call the spirit I work with La Madama.

I want to publicly thank my fellow spiritual-workers in the Afro-Cuban traditions for the name "LaMadama". As a traditional American Southern Root-Worker, the "Lady of the House" was a powerful matriarch of African descent who was a reader, mid-wife and powerful spiritual worker and an enduring presence in the spirit family of the southern worker. The names used in the media and racist imagery of this powerful figure is disrespectful and must never be endorsed in any way.

The image of LaMadama, as we all know, comes from the American South. The term "LaMadama" as we all know comes from Cuba. It is with great respect that I call upon the power and spirit of this revered African and African-American spiritual force so loved and respected by American Southern workers for over a century by the name "LaMadama". May we call upon the "Lady of the House"...LaMadama to guide our work and reveal all and any forces that seek to blind our eyes from truth or find our spirits from liberation!

Momma Starr


  1. Has La Madama ever called on you? I mean, before you started working with her?

  2. She has walked with me for many years and yes even before I started working with her. I have never jumped into anytime of spirit work without being invited by said spirit.

  3. Okay, thank you! I have not started working with La Madama because I know I was not ready. I still know the time is not quite right. Thank you, ma'am. I have always waited until the time was right to do what I am supposed to. Again, thank you!!