Thursday, October 18, 2012

Learning Conjure from Your Elders

Too many Internet hoodoos focus on the "work" in Conjure instead of the foundation that builds up the power in the work because they weren't taught by their elders. Candles, herbs, powders, etc are a part of Conjure but they are not the be all and end all of Hoodoo. Learning Conjure from your elders is a blessing because you are blessed with gifts that money can't buy only if you LISTEN and pay ATTENTION. By listening to your elders and showing them respect you learn to have discernment which is missing in many modern day Hoodoo workers.

I've noticed over the years that online workers limit themselves to the props but don't actually know how to work. Folks online seem to think that all you need is a recipe but there's a lot more to it than a recipe or formula. Another issue is that hoodoos on the Internet are all rehashing the same information from Hyatt and literary sources. This is the first way to tell a book worker from a real conjure worker who was taught by older folks. You can collect recipes all day but if you weren't taught this work from your elders you won't know what to do with it which shows a lack of maturity. This brings up my next point that you'll see in workers taught by their elders is maturity.

Real workers who learned from their elders don't go around throwing for folks and creating mess. You won't find much of this in the real world outside of the Internet because old workers don't have time for bullshit. Hey I have to keep it real here. All that folks on the Internet talk about is graveyard work, crossing folks up, working with dark spirits and works that aren't meant for most people to know about. Yeah I said it. There are certain works that people don't need to know because it's none of their business. It'll do more harm than good because they don't know what they're doing. I promise you that if you ever meet old workers they don't go around spouting off nasty work for everyone to learn. Most people are not mature or level headed enough to handle that kind of work. Know your place.

When you learn Conjure work from old workers you are taught to build up your power from the ground up just like a house. You have to first lay out a strong foundation and make sure it is level before you can build a house otherwise your life will fall apart. Our elders teach us to develop discernment and have wisdom. You learn these things as you grow. Your elders help you to find your place in the world so you can grow not only as a spiritual worker but as a human being.

Wisdom and discernment are the most important qualities you'll find in conjure workers who learned from their elders. These characteristics are two sides of a coin. The Spirit of Discernment allows you to look beyond the layers to see the truth as it is while the Spirit of Wisdom shows you how to respond appropriately in situations. Having discernment as a worker and learning to develop wisdom will help you have "eyes of the Spirit" according to Scripture...Drlovebug


  1. Dr. Lovebug, I swear to you my Mama had this exact conversation with me recently! You are right on the money and speak the truth.