Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bible in Conjure

There has been a many who swear that the bible or Christians have anything to do with Conjure. While looking around the web I ran across this site. It is full of tales about going to church and such. I think you will enjoy it. There is even a little written on Conjure. Enjoy Momma Starr



  1. Wow! What a good read my Mom use to tell me for years how certain church folk would use the bible to do "things" I never fully believed until now....it would make sense as to WHY she always made me read a Psalm before bed...there's a lot of power in the psalms! It all make sense especially when the bible makes notes of certain ingedients like salt, oilss, myrhh, rose of sharon, the bible even mentions the zodiac at one point. Jesus using clay and spit to heal someone...Prophecy runs rampant in the bible so what is prophecy? Prophecy is a message of what is to come, or the story of Naaman and how he was told by God to dip himself in the Jordan (7times) to be cured from him skin disease that he had! Better yet there's the story of the cripple in the New Testament when Jesus asked him why he couldnt get up, the cripple said that he was waiting for the water to be stirred to enter into the healing pool Jesus told him to get up and walk...that man got healed because he had faith, he knew if he made it into the pool while the angels "stirred" that he would be healed! My oh MY how my eyes are open now.

    Thank you for posting the good read Momma Starr.

  2. I just love your blog, Momma Starr! I would like to ask what you feel it is saying in the Bible when it warns against blaspheming against the spirit? God Bless!

    1. I think it means not to be disrespectful. Mama Starr